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US Veteran providing Electrical Services in the DMV


784 Electrical Services is proud to offer residential electrical services throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Our fast, affordable work is backed up by excellent customer service and a passion for building good relationships with our customers.


We provide a wide range of electrician services to the DMV area. A few of our most common services are listed below, but our experience goes far beyond these options. We encourage you to reach out to us to ask about your electrical needs- 95% of the time, we can take care of it.

New Installation Wiring

Whether you’re adding new lights, appliances, or any other type of electrical installation, we can help. We’ll ensure the new installation can safely and efficiently run, using wiring that is made to last.

Subpanel Installation

If your main service panel doesn’t have room for new circuits, or you need to lessen circuit wiring runs to a new set of power-using items, it might be time to install a subpanel. We’ll be happy to install the new subpanel and show you how it functions within your home’s electrical grid.

Upgrading Electrical Panel

Older electrical panels aren’t always using good quality wires, breakers, and fuses, which results in more service interruptions and higher costs for you. We’re able to fully or partially upgrade your electrical panel with new and improved parts that will vastly improve the functionality.

Free Estimates

No matter what service you are interested in, we provide a detailed estimate at no cost to you.

About Us

Electrical Work

784 Electrical Services is the trustworthy, reliable, and affordable option for residents of the DMV area. Led by a U.S. Veteran, 784 can do the work of three good electricians for the price of one. Our commitment to fast, thorough service is second to none, and we insist on strong customer service to ensure you feel respected and taken care of. Reach out to us for a free estimate today.

About Us
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